Choose which thickness of vinyl is best for you.

  • 27 - PREMIUM A 27 mil wall and floor is our most heavy-duty liner configuration. A popular choice in climates with freeze and thaw cycles - or if you want the peace of mind to know that you’ve selected the best protection against the elements.

  • 20 & 27 -   PERMAWALL™ PermaWall is the combination of a 27 mil wall with a 20 mil floor. This creative combo puts the strength of 27 mil where you need it most, providing both performance and affordability.

  • 20 - CLASSIC Our classic all 20 mil liners are precision crafted from the same premium vinyl that is used throughout our high performance products. This lighter weight, highly durable product is an excellent choice while still meeting budget restrictions.  

  • STEPS - POSI-TRAC™ Our POSI-TRAC materials are textured vinyl that provide additional traction to high traffic areas such as stairs, benches or sun ledges. Available in a variety of solid colors and printed patterns to match or compliment your personalized pool interior. 

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